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Do you have to do four wheel alignment when the car is off track?

Do you have to do four wheel alignment when the car is off track?

I often hear people say: what if the car misses? Get a four-wheel alignment!

What about the wobble of the steering wheel? Get a four wheel alignment!

What about uneven tire wear? Get a four wheel alignment!

So are these really useful for doing four-wheel alignment? A lot of car owner think a car a run deviation or shake do four wheel alignment can solve, actually otherwise.

One, what is four-wheel alignment?

The front wheel alignment includes the main pin’s back inclination Angle, the main pin’s inner inclination Angle, the front wheel’s outer inclination Angle and the front wheel’s front beam. The rear wheel alignment includes the external Angle of the wheel and the rear wheel harness. In this way, the front wheel alignment and rear wheel alignment are collectively called wheels

alignment. The role of four wheel alignment is to keep the car stable in straight driving and light steering, and reduce the wear of the car’s tires and steering parts during driving.

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Second, the car off track must do four-wheel alignment?

Off tracking is a common problem in driving. In most cases, the tire shop can solve the problem by doing four wheel alignment. But sometimes these “off tracking” even four wheel alignment can be a headache, no matter what you do

How many times to position, there is no obvious effect. Actually, there are many reasons for deviation.

1. Differential tire pressure is an important cause of deviation

The reason you should always change the position of the tire every 20,000 kilometers is that the driving wheel will always wear more than the other wheels, and different frictions will directly cause off track.

2. The tire caused by different specifications, structures, manufacturers and patterns was installed

Due to inconsistent tread patterns, it is easy to cause different frictional force, resulting in off track. If you make sure that the front and rear wheels are consistent you make sure that the front and rear wheels have the same amount of friction, and the same amount of friction you don’t have the brakes going off

The phenomenon.

3. Suspension system fault

Off tracking also does not rule out problems with the original factory design, such as the suspension guide rod and steering tie rod motion interference will affect the vehicle off tracking. The former is due to manufacturing, adjustment error caused, the latter is due to the original

Factory design.

Third, someone will ask that change the tire must do dynamic balance and four-wheel alignment?

In fact, no matter whether we change the new tire or not, we need to make a dynamic balance as long as we disassemble the car tire. Because in the tire reinstalled on the wheel hub generally not 100 % of the average stress. If I don’t do a dynamic equilibrium

It is likely that as the time for driving a car increases, the parts that cause the tires to deflect and even cause the tires to wobble will be damaged. Therefore, as long as the disassembled car tire as far as possible to do the dynamic balance. Because that’s how you get rid of your tires

The abnormal wear, thereby increasing the life of automobile tires. But four-wheel alignment generally does not need to be done.

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Four, so what situation to do four-wheel alignment?

1. After maintenance after collision

2. Unilateral grinding of front and rear tires

3、The steering wheel wobbles while driving

4、The car misses to the left or right when going straight

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