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Why do we use a 3d wheel alignment machine?

Why do we use a 3d wheel alignment machine?

To find out why we use a 3d wheel alignment machine, first we should have a simple understanding of our vehicles.
Car replacement tires or shock absorbers, as well as mechanical wear, fatigue deformation of the machine in severe waves or deformation of the frame and parts after collision, will lead to changes in the correct four-wheel positioning parameters. New car after driving for 3 months Wheel positioning should be done. After every 10000 km of driving, tires or shock absorbers should be replaced and wheel alignment should be done in time after collision. The correct positioning of the wheels ensures flexible steering, comfortable ride and straight-line driving.Extend tire life and reduce vibration caused by road surface.

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It is indispensable for the instrument to handle the leading position technically. In the modern life and work rhythm, the use of the cable pull instrument, very few people can tolerate, and do not say how accurate it is, replace this instrument the efficiency is undoubtedly too bad, and the locator using this technology is equivalent to still living in the primitive society. It is imperative to purchase suitable and high-end 3d wheel alignment machine. But in the face of many wheel alignment machine suppliers, how to correct what about the 3d wheel alignment machine? Of course, first of all we have to consider the 3d wheel alignment machine technology and cost-effective issues.

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Now there is such a 3d wheel alignment machine, no matter the advanced technology or the price will satisfy you:


Patent design auto lifting type and also suitable for 2post car lift

Full alloy aluminum tracking camera and movable beam (work level 0 – 2.1 m)
Two monitors equipted on the door of the computer compartment
Optional screen size for main monitor (32″ and 19″)
4 targets with universal wheel clamps 11″–23″
Windows OS with Brand Canon printer
Easy-to-understand symbols and easy-to-operate software
Complete and up-to-date OEM specs
Free 24hours online firstclass afterservice
Free car specifications database update anytime
3D Animation alignment instruction make easy operate
3D measurement screen displayer with all relevant data
Vehicle dimensions and wheel rolling radius measurement
A-arm and cradle adjustment


Apply 4.25kg high strength plastic target, 5,000,000 HD camera

it can also assure accurate alignment measurement when target

plates get smaller. Intelligent LED navigation system: the operator

doesn’t need to check the screen for the instruction of intelligent

LED navigation system and can easily complete wheel alignment.


Software Features

Assistant 3D animation for adjusting

–3D animation Auxiliary adjustment function

Simple 3 D video demo are available to help the operator to adjust the wheel

Multi-Languages are available for choice

Such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Portuguese, Arabic,

Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian etc.

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