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Wheel balancer selection

Wheel balancer selection

    Dynamic wheel balancer is a new type of equipment, most people are not familiar with it, which leads to the customer’s mistakes in the purchase; therefore, we must have some methods in the purchase, so as to bring convenience to our use and improve our work efficiency, so what are the key points in the purchase of dynamic balancing machine?


1、Introduction of vertical wheel balancer


Wheel balancer generally has version of horizontal and vertical, but generally speaking, wheel balancer is mainly focus on vertical. Vertical wheel balancer is in which the rotating axis of the balanced rotor is in a vertical state on the wheel balancer. It generally refers to the disk-shaped workpieces that the rotor itself does not have a rotating shaft, such as gears, all kinds of automobile flywheel, clutch, pressure plate and its assembly, brake disc, brake hub, clutch of motorcycle and disc parts such as magneto rotor, fan, fan blade, water pump impeller, belt pulley, grinding wheel, etc.


wheel balancer



2、Understand the measurement accuracy


If there is a big deviation in the measurement accuracy of the wheel balancer, it is also a headache, so the connection mode between the transmission shaft and the wheel balancer and accuracy of the spindle are the factors that affect the error.


3.Using bracket


Generally speaking, the support of wheel balancer is divided into bracket of soft and hard. Compared with the two, the swing of soft bracket is relatively soft. During the start-up and shut down of rotating shaft, the swing of soft bracket will have very obvious vibration, while the swing of hard bracket does not. Among the factors that affect the balance schedule. Soft and hard support is only a negligible factor. Of course, it depends on the market demand, but one thing that needs special attention is that when the machine is unpacked and transported, many transport unions habitually grab the transmission shaft and carry it. The internal structure of some machine cases is unstable. Once the transmission shaft is lifted forcefully, the data will deviate, so the internal stability of the case is also very important.




4.Display way


The performance of the dynamic wheel balancer has relationship with the display method, but the digital display is not only intuitive, but also has high reliability and is not easy to damage. It can also provide some practical additional functions, so the digital display is the mainstream direction. Of course, there is also the wheel balancer of LCD computer monitor, which is more elegant, high-end, suitable for large users.



To sum up, it is very important to choose a suitable balancing machine for your shop.

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