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How do you use a tyre changer machine for deep trap tires?

How do you use a tyre changer machine for deep trap tires?

Deep-trapped tires are mainly used in high-end passenger cars, trucks, agricultural tractors and construction machinery, both radial tires (without tube) and tubeless or ultra-thin tires or extra-hard tubeless tires. It is difficult to manually disassemble such tires, and it is easy to damage the rim and the tire mouth. The tires are generally used very well. Large tires can only use the tyre changer machine to improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and not damage tires and tire openings. The disassembly method of the radial tire (tubeless tire) is first placed on the machine moving carriage, so that the claws clamp the tire, and the air inside the tire is released, the tire is raised to the working height, and the disassembly disc is used. Rolling at the tire mouth on both sides of the tire, so that the tire mouth enters the deep groove of the tire, and the grease is applied to the two sides of the tire mouth and the rim by the brush; the moving carriage and the disassembly rod are moved to the working position, which is disassembly and assembly. The disc is placed inside the tire. Turn the tire and carefully press the disc against the tire (moving the carriage) so that all the tires on the tire’s tire mouth are removed.

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Installation method Before installation, first apply grease on the tire and at the tire mouth. It is easier to install the tire, which makes the tire mouth easy to slide into the rim. First move the carriage outward, lift the disassembly rod, clamp the rim as described above, lift the rim lightly, place the tire and the carriage slantingly, and move the tire down until the tire casing contacts the rim and Rotate the tire back and forth, carefully lowering the claw arm and pushing the outer edge of the tire by hand to slide the inner tire end of the tire completely into the tire. The caliper is clamped on the outer edge of the tire, so that the disassembly and assembly disc is placed at the outer edge of the tire, and the tire is rotated, and the outer edge of the tire is pressed into the rim, and the tire is installed.

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