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How much do you know about the price of a car wheel aligner?

How much do you know about the price of a car wheel aligner?

The price difference between different brands of car wheel aligner is extremely different. Since the state has no corresponding regulations for the production of car wheel aligner products, domestic products are mixed. For example, some brand equipments are equipped with computers, but the computers only use the management functions of the vehicle models. The sensors are not connected to the computer, and the sensor data cannot be The computer shows that the user shouted when he bought it. Some equipments are used as import flags to deceive users, some equipment cut corners; some manufacturers use imported low-end sensors for simple assembly, and they lack maintenance technology for sensors, so that user equipment failures cannot be eliminated in a timely and effective manner: popular positioning garage equipment is the cheapest. It can be bought for two or three thousands USD, and expensive equipment (generally imported garage equipment) will cost hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Generally speaking, one point is worth the price. However, due to factors such as the existence of tariffs on the imported equipment and the increase in the price of the agents, the price return is relatively high. Different brands of equipment have different market prices due to their advanced technology, production process, configuration, etc., so the market sales price is also different. Technically, users can identify the technical performance of the device from the following aspects:

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A. Is DSP technology used?

DSP, the Digital Signal Processor, is a dedicated processor for high-speed real-time processing of digital signals, which is 10 to 50 times faster than the fastest CPU. The early DSPs were mainly used in military products, and later gradually applied to civilian products with the continuous development of large-scale integrated circuits and the continuous reduction of costs. Because DSP has powerful computing power, the use of DSP in the sensor not only improves the measurement speed and measurement accuracy of the data, but also greatly improves the anti-interference ability of the measurement. The four-wheel alignment product using DSP has the following features:

The toe measurement is strong against light interference: In the car wheel aligner using light measurement, infrared or laser transceiving sensors are commonly used to measure the toe data of the vehicle. Since there is a component in the sunlight or ordinary light source that has the same wavelength as the measured light, the data using the light measurement is affected by this, thus deviating from the correct measurement result. For this reason, some positioning devices use filters to reduce the influence of external light, but they cannot completely eliminate the influence of external light. This is why many four-wheel aligners need to pull up the curtains when measuring in the sun. However, if you use curtains to block the outside light in the evening or other weak light environment, it will be difficult to work.

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B. Is the electronic level adopted?

In order to achieve the measurement accuracy of the design, the popular car wheel aligner must ensure that the four probes are always in the horizontal state during the measurement process. A non-level state of any probe can cause erroneous measurements. For car wheel aligner with blister-indicating instructions, the operator must be very careful to see if each probe is level, thus distracting the operator and inevitably preventing false measurements. If the electronic level is installed on all four probes, the horizontal status data of the sensor probes is transmitted to the computer in time, and the level data of each sensor probe is monitored by the computer, prompting the operator when a certain probe is not level. This not only reduces the operator’s work intensity, but also avoids mismeasurement. In the imported equipment, the electronic level is used in the Hunter of the United States and the Bosch of Germany, and they are also expensive.

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C. Is the electronic turntable used?

In the positioning parameters, the caster angle and the kingpin inclination angle cannot be directly measured. Only the indirect measurement based on the geometric relationship can be used: 20 degrees on the left and right sides of the front wheel, respectively, and the camber angle and the back inclination angle are measured. The caster caster angle and the kingpin tilt angle are calculated according to a certain functional relationship. Therefore, the measurement of the caster caster angle and the kingpin tilt angle is closely related to the steering angle measurement. Steering angle When the steering angle is 20 degrees and 20.5 degrees, the relative error of the detected kingpin angle result is 2.39%, which far exceeds the requirements of the detection accuracy. It can be seen that the turntable error has a huge impact on the test results. Therefore, the upcoming national industry standards stipulate that in 2005, the four-wheel aligner must use electronic corner plates. In addition, the use of electronic corner discs greatly increases the automation of the measurement process and shortens the measurement time. Foreign high-end car wheel aligner use electronic turntables.

D. Is the data communication method infrared or radio?

E, transmission technology: radio communication equipment is more expensive than infrared transmission equipment; 8 front beam system is higher than 6 toe measurement system, electronic level is higher than blister level

F, measurement accuracy:

G, measurement repeatability

H, measuring the reaction speed

In addition, such as equipment stability, repeatability, failure rate, maintenance price, etc. are also very important factors, but this information is difficult to get the correct and objective information from the manufacturer, the user needs to obtain from the side.



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