Car Tyre Changer——V7100

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1.Pneumatic tile-back arm design, provide greater operating space for tire changing operation.

1.1 High strength push and pull arm square bar with outer diameter 55x55mm;

1.2 The third generation of AR pneumatic flip disassembly head (duck head) ;

1.3 The column base and the box body are full welded, the structure is stable and reliable.


2. The diameter of 100mm two-way air intake auxiliary arm cylinder is stable and powerful.

2.1 The cabinet is welded by steel plate, strong and durable;

2.2 Tire separation shovel adopts multi-angle adjustable design, can quickly separate different sizes of tires.


3.Help 7 Double pressure rod and tyre bending arm design, multi-point auxiliary tyre pressure during tyre installation. It can assist in lifting the tyre during the tyre removal process.

The center shaft manual locking design, to avoid the traditional chuck clamping damage to the wheel hub.


4. Pneumatic lifting device can go up and down, turn and positioning the tire.

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Product Name:Car Tyre Changer——V7100

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