Car Tyre Changer——V600 Pro AR

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1.With roller, 55x55mm push-pull arm, single side gap within 0.5mm, to ensure the duck head displacement with in 3mm during mounting the tire.

2.Column base and cabinet are full welded design, ensure the stability and reliability under the high intensity operation.

Using steel plate CNC machining combined cabinet, strong structure, hidden welding points, nice appearance.

3.Wheel and fork chuck assembly, with chuck opening-closing size fine-tuning function, jaw can be accurately controlled at any position, convenient wheel and fork clamping, avoid accidental injury.

Pressure shovel with multi-angle adjustable design.


Help 5 auxiliary pneumatic arms, multi – point auxiliary tire changing operation. The lower plate, in the demolition process can be assisted tire tire lifts. The low disc can assist in lifting the tire during the process of removing the tire. Integrated lifting slide design, with fine tuning function, to ensure smooth and stable lifting, more efficient.


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Product Name:Car Tyre Changer——V600 Pro AR

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