Car Tyre Changer——GT526 Pro AR

Car Tyre Changer——GT526 Pro AR:Suitable for disassembly and assembly of small and medium-sized automobile tires, supporting deflated (explosion-proof) tires, low profile ratio high-performance tires, tubeless tires

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1、The pedal pneumatic valve piston rod assembly made of S304 stainless steel has a smooth surface, corrosion resistance and a longer service life. The drawer type control assembly has a simple structure and is convenient for maintenance.

2、Multi-angle adjustable design of tire shovel

3.The integral welding design of the trapezoidal column base and the box body fully guarantees the load-bearing structure under high-strength operation

4、The backward tilting vertical arm design expands a larger operating space above the hub chuck to avoid accidental injury when clamping the hub.

5、15cm thick wheel hub chuck assembly, with fine adjustment function of the chuck opening and closing size, the jaws can be precisely controlled at any position, which is convenient for wheel clamping and avoids accidental injury.

6、The combined box body is CNC machined with a thickness of 3mm steel plate, with solid structure, concealed welding points and beautiful appearance; Wanda genuine aluminum shell all-copper wire motor, good heat dissipation, low loss, and high power; 180mm diameter all-aluminum alloy two-way air intake shoulder separation Cylinder, fully sealed design, support low pressure work, service life.

7、The design of double struts and single squeeze arm can assist in tyre pressure at multiple points during tyre installation. The lower plate can assist in lifting the tire during the tire removal process. Integrated lifting slide design with fine-tuning function to ensure smooth and stable lifting, more efficient and easy to use.

8、Technical Parameters


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Product Name:Car Tyre Changer——GT526 Pro AR

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