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How to choose a wheel balancing machine?

How to choose a wheel balancing machine?

wheel balancing machines are important equipment in vehicle maintenance. Wheels often lead to some parameter changes that affect balance during maintenance, and as the speed of the car continues to increase, there is a higher demand for wheel balance. Therefore, it is important to perform balance detection on the wheels.

Horizontal wheel balancing machine

The biggest advantage of the horizontal wheel balancer is that the wheel to be tested is convenient to load and unload, the mechanical structure and the sensing device are relatively simple, and the cost is also low, so it is welcomed by the repair and maintenance manufacturers, and is also the preferred model of the manufacturer.

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However, due to the large static moment of the wheel on the longer main axis of the cantilever, the initial setting state of the sensing system is affected, especially the pre-tightening state of the vertical sensor. The measurement accuracy is difficult to ensure after long-term use, and the zero drift is also large. The sensitivity is relatively low, but it can fully meet the requirements of general operating vehicles.

Vertical wheel balancing machine

Although the vertical wheel balancer is not as convenient as the horizontal balancer, its wheel quality is directly pressed on the center line of the main shaft, which not only does not form a strong torque, but also the static load of the vertical sensor is smaller than the wheel quality. The strain gauge is a square strain plate that is as large as the work surface. The horizontal sensors are designed to be one on each side, which is much more stable than the single horizontal sensor of the horizontal wheel balancer. The square strain plate has a plurality of empty grooves to reduce the rigidity of the strain plate, thereby greatly improving the sensitivity of the sensing system. The vertical wheel balancer is extremely accurate, typically up to 3g, and has good repeatability and stability.

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