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Wheel alignment manufacturer to teach you how to solve the problem of car running deviation.

Wheel alignment manufacturer to teach you how to solve the problem of car running deviation.

A lot of friends came back from driving tour and found that their car always shifted to the right while driving. After four-wheel alignment, they still drift. What should I do? According to experts, car driving deviation is a relatively common problem, usually for the following reasons:


Four-wheel alignment is out of alignment. In most cases, the deviation can be solved by four-wheel positioning, but if the four-wheel positioning is still not solved, this must be caused by other reasons.


The tire patterns on the two sides are not the same or the pattern depth is not the same. It is best to use the same type of tires for the entire car. The two tires on the front and rear axles must be the same, and the pattern depth must be the same. The wear limit must be replaced.


Tire pressures on both sides vary. Different tire pressures will make the tires different in size and will inevitably shift when driving.


Deformation and cushioning on both sides of the front shock absorber spring are inconsistent. The quality of the shock absorber spring can be judged by pressing or comparing after disassembly.


The front shock absorber fails. After the front shock absorber fails, the two suspensions are one high and one low when the vehicle is driving, and the force is uneven, which leads to deviation. The shock absorber can be tested by a special shock absorption tester to judge the quality of the shock absorber; if it is disassembled unconditionally, it can be judged by pulling.


Excessive wear on vehicle chassis components with abnormal clearance. Steering tie rods, support arm rubber sleeves, stabilizer rod rubber sleeves, etc. are prone to excessive gaps, and should be carefully checked after lifting the vehicle.


A wheel brake return bad separation is not completely. This is equivalent to one side the wheels are always part of the brake, driving up the vehicle must be wandering. When checked, you can feel the temperature of the hub, such as a wheel a lot more than the other wheels, indicating a return to the bad brake wheel.            


Frame overall deformation. Both sides of the wheelbase difference is too large, exceeds the maximum allowable range, you can measure the size of tests, such as beyond the scope must be corrected by the correction units.



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