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You may wash your car just for cleaning up, but what is it for foreign countries?

You may wash your car just for cleaning up, but what is it for foreign countries?

Going abroad to install a car washing machine, paying attention to a problem, many countries, especially developed countries in Europe and America, the cars running on the road are particularly clean and bright. On the one hand, their environment is good, the air is clean and the body is less dirty. On the other hand, when their car is very clean, it will still be washed more frequently. Why is it that the car is not dirty? I don’t understand it.

In Australia, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong and other places, I observed a lot, only to find that the reason for their car wash is not only to wash the car, but also to do maintenance. Car washing is just a very basic process. Every time you wax, coat, open the front cover and clean the engine and other components.
These are fixed processes and are commonplace.

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On the other hand, domestic car beauty shop, car wash is just a simple car wash, basically does not include the beauty part. The areas of wax paint, coating, and coating that belong to the paint maintenance are all classified as separate beauty projects. Pay attention to the car to do it once a few months, if you don’t pay attention, you may only stay in the dirt on the car surface and wash it. Therefore, many domestic cars have no luster for more than one year of driving, and many of them are good cars.

In this case, I would like to find out the reasons, based on my observations abroad and consulting with some senior professionals in the industry, to find out the following points:

1, the domestic car beauty concept is relatively narrow

Domestic car cosmetics generally stay in car wash, car paint maintenance, coating, etc., and the separation from the car wash is relatively clear. Foreign car beauty is more general, the store is generally an entire process, from washing to maintenance, the detection of the entire car parts is a whole. In other words, car wash is not the focus, maintenance is. The true beauty of the meaning is reflected, focusing on paint protection and safety testing.

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2, foreign car market mature

After all, the number of our cars has expanded mainly in recent years. After the market has been in full swing and mixed, the country has not yet introduced relevant norms and policy constraints, which has caused consumers’ consumption concepts to be affected. When it comes to beauty, it is a trick for businesses to slaughter people. . Foreign countries are more mature in this piece, maintenance is frequent, and the overall cost is relatively low. People have little resistance, the industry is highly regulated, and the market is good.

3, different concepts

Car wash abroad, even if you don’t go to the car beauty shop, it is to wash at home, it is also a full set of processes, one does not fall, from their ordinary supermarket car wash tool area can be seen, not only various types of rags, sponges, but also some people It seems that professional tools, waxing machines, water waxes, coatings and coatings are all best sellers. In China, ordinary supermarkets do not sell these, because they will be slow-moving. Therefore, it is not only a car beauty shop, but the concept of car maintenance for the Chinese people is mostly left to be cleaned, in the concept of maintenance by kilometers. There are very few conservations that are usually involved.

4, the domestic car wash stays in the eyes to see the clean.

When receiving foreign customers, the difference is clearly felt. For example, a Mexican customer, after the car washing machine was selected, Mr. K asked the Japanese foreign trade manager to recommend the car wash liquid. To be honest, Mexico is not rich, the foreign trade manager recommended him according to the domestic sales, car wash and Ordinary water wax. After seeing the effects in turn, K directly selected the car wash stock imported from Japan, high-intensity water wax and NT coating. The foreign trade manager is afraid of the cost of car washing, reminding that this is the only high-end maintenance store in our country. Mr. K said that we must have these in ordinary stores, otherwise we cannot call a car wash.

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Car wash, pay more attention to maintenance. This is exactly what roadbuck advocated, pursuing the combination of washing and raising in the car wash process. Although this concept is not universal at home, it is also the awareness of car maintenance that people gradually strengthen. Washing is only the foundation, and raising talent is the key. Wash and raise the gloss to achieve a bright new effect!



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