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What are the tips for using the tyre changer machine?

What are the tips for using the tyre changer machine?

The tyre changer machine is the necessary repair equipment for all 4S shops and auto repair shops and tire shops. When using the tyre changer machine in car repair, there are some tips. Here is a brief description of the tyre changer machine. Tips during use:

1. For tires with good but soft and thin tires: When using a shovel to shovel the tires, you can slightly lift the air shovel control pedal, and push the tires inward to confirm that the shovel is in contact with the tire mouth, and then use Hold your legs or hands, prevent the tires from returning, and then step on the control pedal. It is easier to shovel the tires.

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2. For tires with long running time: the tire is subjected to internal air pressure for a long time, and the heat generated by the friction between the tire and the ground causes the tire to bond with the steel ring. When the air shovel is difficult to shovel, the detergent can be dissolved in water first, and some solutions are just added to the bead and the steel ring with a small brush. After the solution penetrates into the gap between the fetal lip and the steel ring, the shovel is used again. Lower tire

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3, for the tires with a harder tire: when the tires are best to use the car spring steel plate, homemade long crowbar to the bird’s head, it is easier. When the upper tire is used, press the tire belly with both hands. When the difference is about 200mm and the tire mouth is at the tightest position, press the right elbow to press the tire belly. At the same time, the left hand will follow the trend and push the tire clockwise to prevent the motor and the V-belt from slipping. It also protects the motor.



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