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Why use a wheel balancer to detect the wheel?

Why use a wheel balancer to detect the wheel?

Wheel balancers are important equipment in vehicle maintenance. Wheels often lead to some changes in the parameters that affect the balance during the maintenance process, and as the speed of the car continues to increase, the balance of the wheels has higher requirements. It is therefore important to test the tire with a wheel balancer. Car wheels are high-speed rotating components that create an imbalance if their center of mass and center of rotation do not coincide. When the tire with unbalanced mass distribution rotates at high speed, the up and down vibration and left and right vibration of the wheel will be caused by the unbalanced centrifugal force, which will affect the steering stability of the car, ride comfort, increase noise, and reduce the service life of the components. Increase the wear of the tire, so the amount of unbalance of the tire must be controlled within a certain range.

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If the car makes a rhythmical noise or the steering wheel is unstable when the vehicle is driving at high speed, it may be that the wheel balance of the car has a problem, and it is necessary to perform dynamic balance detection on the wheel. In addition, in the case of repairing the hub, replacing the tire, etc., the vehicle should also be balanced. Otherwise, it will cause abnormal wear of the tire and affect the running stability of the vehicle.


The wheel balancer plays an important role in keeping the car running normally. Therefore, it is necessary to check the balance of the car wheel regularly to avoid affecting the steering stability and ride comfort of the car. With the continuous advancement of technology, the wheel balancer will ensure the balance of the car with higher precision in the future car maintenance, making the vehicle run more smoothly and safer.wheel balancer tyre balancing machine



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