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What is the use of four-wheel alignment and transposition? Do you really understand?

What is the use of four-wheel alignment and transposition? Do you really understand?

After buying a car, maintenance and repair has become a compulsory course, and all kinds of professional terms must be learned from zero. For example, many car owners have heard of “four wheel alignment

But there is no concept of “four-wheel shift”, and it is easy to confuse them. Today, roadbuck will talk to you.

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First, four wheel alignment

1, the concept of four wheel alignment

To put it simply: the installation between the wheel, the steering system and the front and rear axles has a certain relative position, and this relative position will change according to driving habits, road conditions and other factors, and adjustments need to be made to restore the standard position to ensure that the vehicle is driving. In the stability and safety, this is the four wheel alignment.

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2. What kind of problems do the wheels have to do?
(1) During normal driving, when the tire pressure is normal, the steering wheel is back, and the vehicle does not go straight.

(2) When the corner was crossed, the vehicle was found to be unstable.

(3) Check the tires and find that the tires are eccentric.

When the above problems are found, the four-wheel alignment correction is not performed in time, which will result in the chassis components failing to reach a good working condition, affecting the normal operation of the steering system, and aggravating the tire wear, so that the owners of the owners must not ignore.

Second, four-wheel transposition
1. What is the four-wheel shift?
Four-wheel shifting is to exchange the wheels between each other. Generally, the front-wheel drive vehicle will adjust the left rear wheel to the right front and right rear wheels to the left front, the left front wheel to the left rear, and the right front wheel to the right rear.

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2. Why do you want to do four-wheel transposition?
Due to the uneven weight of the various parts of the body, the front and rear wheels are subjected to different forces during driving, resulting in four tires prone to partial wear and different degrees of wear. Four-wheel shifting can ensure uniform wear of the four tires, thereby prolonging their service life.

3. Why do four-wheel shifting require front and rear tire interchange?
Most of the vehicles are front-wheel drive, so the front wheel load is greater than the rear wheel, and the front wheel wear is relatively large. The front and rear tires are exchanged, so that the less worn rear tires are placed in front, ensuring that the four tires wear evenly. More economical, it also helps to improve the safety of driving



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