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Why do tires need to be tested for dynamic balance?

Why do tires need to be tested for dynamic balance?

Dynamic balance refers to the asymmetric weight distribution produced by the force of the tire as it rotates, usually at a higher speed. In the tire factory, the balancer is mounted on the tire and wheel to test the wheel, the assembly is accelerated to a speed of 300 RPM or higher, and the force imbalance is measured with the tire rotation sensor.

On the inside and outside planes of the wheel, These forces are broken down into static and force, unbalanced tolerance (the maximum manufacturing limit allowed). If the tire is not selected, it may shake and perform poorly. In the tire retail store, check the tire/wheel assembly on the balancer, which determines the amount of imbalance and angle.

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The quality of any part of the object itself is different. The uneven quality will affect the stability of the rotation of the object under static and low-speed rotation. The higher the speed, the greater the vibration.

As we all know, with the improvement of road conditions in China and the rapid development of automobile technology, the speed of vehicles is getting faster and faster.

If the quality of the car wheel is not uniform, not only will the ride comfort be affected, but also the abnormal wear of the car tire and the suspension system will be increased in this high-speed driving process, and the difficulty of controlling the car during driving will be increased, resulting in difficulty. Driving is not safe.

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In order to avoid this, the wheel must be subjected to a dynamic balance test by a special equipment-wheel balancing machine before installation. The appropriate weight is added to the wheel mass to make the wheel maintain dynamic balance under high-speed rotation. Counterweight is the wheel balancer.



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