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The old driver told you to do the four-wheel alignment, do not understand the safety of the car and the money

The old driver told you to do the four-wheel alignment, do not understand the safety of the car and the money

As cars enter thousands of households, it is not difficult to have a car of their own. Although it is much easier to buy a car, it is necessary to accompany the car for many years after buying a car. If you want to ensure the normal and stable driving of the car, not only the quality of the car itself is required, but as the owner of the car, daily car maintenance is also very necessary. It is said that the
three-point failure is the quality, and the seven-point is the driving habit. I think that in this seven-point driving habit, more than half of the car owners do not pay attention to vehicle maintenance and observation. In particular, the most common four-wheel alignment problem we often overlook is ignored by car owners. In the end, when the fault was serious, it was already repaired. Therefore, in the process of car maintenance, four-wheel positioning is not a small matter, the following small series will take everyone to understand the four-wheel alignment is those things!

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Everyone knows that the wheel, as the only contact part between the car and the ground, is subject to high-pressure and high-speed conditions every day. Then it should keep in contact with the ground at the most balanced angle during the movement, otherwise the tire will be eccentric. However, this balance will be changed due to the bumps of the vehicle and the suspension force. Then we will use the four-wheel alignment method to keep the wheels in contact with the ground.

For four-wheel alignment, everyone looks easy, but the principle is still very complicated. Deviation like the toe will cause the vehicle to run off, and changes in the inclination will affect the stability of the corner and the wear of the tire. Then the deviation of the caster’s back rake angle will cause the suspension to be abnormally stressed and cause early wear, so the four-wheel alignment is to correct the angle of these wheel suspensions.

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For suspensions, the vehicles we usually come into contact with are independent and non-independent suspensions. Here, the non-independent suspension can be adjusted very little, basically it is what the factory design looks like. The independent suspension can be flexibly adjusted. Generally, we will see some eccentric adjustment bolts on the suspension rods, which are used to adjust the suspension angle. Then the adjustment of the four wheel alignment is to adjust these bolts.

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After the car leaves the factory, it will set the four-wheel positioning parameters belonging to the car itself. However, as the user uses it, this parameter may change, which will change the driving state of the vehicle. In severe cases, it may be life-threatening, so the adjustment of four-wheel alignment is very necessary. We recommend a four-wheel alignment every 10,000 kilometers or half a year. And develop a good habit of checking the wheels every week.



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