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What are the common problems and solutions for the four post car lift?

What are the common problems and solutions for the four post car lift?

As a common maintenance vehicle tool, the four post car lift has an extremely important role in our maintenance of the car, so we must do the maintenance and timing inspection of the four post car lift to ensure the four post car.

The lift is used in good condition.

Four post car lift

The replacement period for some consumable parts of the four post car lift is as follows:

(1) Hydraulic oil for car lifts: the first use is 3 months, and then replaced every other year.

(2) Chain used: 3 years or when viewing the chain and the chain pin have serious signs of wear and tear.

(3) The chain pin pin and the chain end joint connecting shaft and fixing nut should be repaired in time when loose.

(4) Sealing tubing connection seals are normally used for replacement for two years. If the damage is checked, the new ones will be purchased in time.

(5) The car lift cylinder seals are replaced every 2 years.

(6) The spring is 2 years, the safety hook used by the lifter is 3 years, and the damage of the pallet rubber pad should be replenished in time.

(7) Sprocket and sprocket shaft and bushing for 3 years.

(8) The car lift slider is normally used for 3 years.

car lift

Part of the reason for the squeaking of the four post car lift

(1) The slider is seriously worn or the chain guide is not sufficiently lubricated.

(2) The abnormal use of the lift causes the screw to deform, causing the spindle nut to shake during the movement.

(3) The lift nut is severely deformed and worn.

(4) There are impurities in the working position of the lift rail. What are the main parts of the safety device of the lift? There are mainly upper and lower limit travel switch, safety nut, synchronous safety device, triangular belt overload sliding, self-locking of the arm,

Secondary arm limit screw, tray limit sleeve.

The four post car lift trembled, what are the reasons for it, how to deal with it

(1) The lubrication between the lifting machine roller or the slider and the guide rail is not good enough, and grease should be added to ensure its luster and lubrication.

(2) If the bushing in the sprocket is abnormal or worn, it should be greased or replaced directly.

(3) The sprocket and chain contact surfaces of the lift are worn and damaged, and the chain wheel of the lift should be replaced.

(4) When there is air in the hydraulic cylinder, the movement can be lifted up and down several times to discharge the internal gas.



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