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How to setup Roadbuck tire changer assembling head?

How to setup Roadbuck tire changer assembling head?

Before removing and installation, make sure that the tire changer assembling head being at the highest position with the assembling head are completely right pushed.
When handling multiple wheels in same diameter, the assembling head can be in original setting status to work.
Take care to avoid damage when the assembling head working on aluminum alloy hub, what’s more, even it can adjust the gap between the assembling head and the hub effectively, greater than a fixed value.

tire changer setting Procedure
1. Don’t remove arm’s horizontal direction.
2. Notice the button of assembling head lock.
3. Vertically adjust the dismantling head chassis with removable head.
· Loosen the assembling head lock mechanism device.
· Hand move the assembling head to fixed on the edge of wheel hub, also keep the head nearby the shoulder guide.
· Automatic setting and lock the assembling head, and adjust the height or side clearance by the operating buttons.

Diameter adjust function, reorient the tire changer assembling head’s working position of the hub.
1 Install the screws of the head.
2 Reorient the role of the linear bolt.
3 Plastic protection (or metal roller)
4 Shoulder guide wheel
In most cases, you should use the hub diameter function to adjust the position of the assembling head when handling oversize tires with a diameter of 12”-24”.
Loosen the assembling head screws and adjust two each linear adjustment pins until the assembling head suitable for current hub. Tighten the adjustment screw after reorient.



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