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There is a saying about the replacement of the new tires.

There is a saying about the replacement of the new tires.

In the daily use of the car, due to the difference in the degree of wear and tear, it is rare for the vehicle to replace all the tires at the same time. To avoid large tire wear, the most common is to replace the coaxial tire at the same time.

But is the new tire mounted on the front or rear axle?

In the face of different views, what is the rationality?

1、The front car is best replaced to the front wheel

The characteristics of the front-load trucks determine that the front wheels need to bear a lot of work pressure. The daily steering, acceleration and braking will eventually work on the front wheels, and the wear will be more serious than the rear wheels. In the event of a breakdown, the vehicle will be very difficult to control and the danger will be enormous. If you are using a front-load truck, it is recommended to replace the new tire with the front wheel.

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2、The rear drive is best replaced to the rear wheel

Most of the heavy-duty trucks have power output on the rear wheels. If the rear tires are heavily worn, it is prone to the lack of grip. The vehicles are prone to runaway and dangerous, especially in rainy and snowy weather and slippery roads. The new tires provide better wet grip than the old ones, reducing the risk of oversteering when the new tires are mounted on the rear axle.

3、Installation location is depend on the car environment.

The way the new tires are installed should be determined according to daily driving habits and road conditions. If you often drive in the city road, the speed is not fast, obviously the chance of the tail is not big, and the steering loss caused by the front axle is obviously more dangerous. The new tire should be equipped with the front wheel; if you run the high-speed truck often, the probability of triggering the tail is great. The probability of turning out of control is best installed on the rear wheel.

4、Hidden tires and spare tires are mounted on the rear wheel.

When driving to a remote area, it is found that there are hidden dangers such as bulging and rupture of the tire, but if it cannot be replaced in time, it is better to temporarily change the hidden tire to the rear axle. At this time, the speed of the vehicle is reduced, and the probability of the vehicle’s tail is greatly reduced. Even if the tire is not blown out, the situation of out of control will not occur. If it is better to replace the spare tire with a spare tire, be aware that the inflation pressure of the spare tire is higher than that of the normal tire. Mounting on the front axle will affect steering and braking.



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