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What is the role of the wheel balancer?

What is the role of the wheel balancer?

When the wheel is rotated, the asymmetrical mass may cause bouncing or swaying, which may cause interference in the ride, usually in the longitudinal and lateral directions. It can also cause a swing on one steering wheel or the entire vehicle. This is need to use the wheel balancer at a time.


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The wheel of a car is a whole made up of tires and wheels. However, due to manufacturing reasons, the mass distribution of the entire part cannot be made very uniform. When the car wheel rotates at a high speed, it will not move.

Balanced state, causing the vehicle to shake and the steering wheel vibrate while driving. In order to avoid this phenomenon or to eliminate the phenomenon that has already occurred, it is necessary to make the wheel increase the weight by dynamic method.

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The wheel is corrected for the balance of the edge portions. The process of this correction is the dynamic balance that people often say. That is to use the wheel balancer



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