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What is the role of the tire balance block?

What is the role of the tire balance block?

The Tire balance block is a weight component mounted on the wheel of the vehicle. It is generally divided into two types, one is attached to the inner ring of the hub, and the other is mounted on the edge of the hub. The function of the counterweight is to keep the wheels in balance under high speed rotation.

The wheel of a car is a whole made up of tires and wheels. However, due to manufacturing reasons, the mass distribution of the entire part cannot be made very uniform. When the car wheel rotates at a high speed, a dynamic imbalance occurs, causing the vehicle to shake and the steering wheel to vibrate while the vehicle is running. In order to avoid this phenomenon or to eliminate the phenomenon that has already occurred, it is necessary to make the wheel correct the balance of each edge portion by increasing the weight in a dynamic situation. The process of this correction is the dynamic balance that people often say.

The role of the tire balance block

Since the driving mode of the automobile is generally the front drive, the front wheel load is greater than the rear wheel, and after the vehicle travels for a certain mileage, the tires of different parts may have differences in fatigue and wear degree. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out tire transposition according to the mileage of the road or the road condition.

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When the wheel is rotated, the asymmetrical mass may cause bouncing or swaying, which may cause interference in the ride, usually in the longitudinal and lateral directions. It can also cause a swing on one steering wheel or the entire vehicle.

Because of the imbalance, it is not comfortable to ride. The vehicle suspension can excite the wheel speed when it is in an unbalanced force to a point whose rotational frequency is equal to the resonant frequency of the suspension.

Uneven tire quality affects the stability of the object’s rotation. The higher the speed, the greater the vibration. Therefore, the role of the tire balance block is to minimize the difference in the quality of the wheel to achieve a relatively balanced state.

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Due to the complicated road conditions, any situation on the road may have an impact on the tires and steel rings, such as collision with the road platform, high-speed through the pit road, etc., which easily cause deformation of the steel ring, so it is necessary to make the tire dynamic balance while changing the position.



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