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How to carry out regular inspections of the roadbuck car lift

How to carry out regular inspections of the roadbuck car lift

roadbuck car lift Daily inspection:
1. Check the safety switch on the outer cage door and open the outer cage door. The cage should not be activated.
2. Check the upper and lower limit switches, limit switches and their touch irons, which should be effective and reliable.
3. Open the cage single door, double door, sunroof and touch the top rope protection switch and press the emergency stop button one by one. The cage should not start.
4. Check that the cage, counterweight and cable pulley access are free of obstructions.
5. Check the meshing clearance between the gear and the rack with a feeler gauge to ensure a clearance of 0.2mm to 0.3mm.

Single Post Car Lift

Weekly inspection:
1. Check if the fasteners are loose, especially the connecting parts of the transmission plate connecting reducer, anti-falling safety device and pinion, rack, roller, guide wheel, counterweight guide wheel, safety gear and wall frame. of

Bolt fastening condition.
2. Check each lubrication part and it should be well lubricated. Check the gear oil. If there is oil leakage or insufficient oil, the oil should be replenished.
3. Check the cable bracket and cable protection frame for loose or moving bolts and for damage to the cable.
4. Check that the drive train brakes are reliably braked.
5. Check that the sky wheel should be flexible, no abnormal sound, and the joint is tight.
6. Check that the counterweight guide wheel should be flexible.
7. Check the motor and reducer for abnormal noise and heat. 8. The temperature of the reducer does not exceed 90 °C, and the motor temperature does not exceed 85 °C.

car platform lift

Monthly inspection
1. Check gear wear, measured with a common normal micrometer, across the two-tooth common normal line: new teeth 37.1mm, allowed to wear to 35.1mm.
2. Check the rack wear and measure with a tooth thickness vernier caliper. The new tooth thickness is 12.566mm, allowing wear to 10.6mm.
3. Check the motor braking torque and check the torque with a lever and spring to be 120N.m±2.5%.
4. Check the oil level in the gear unit. If it is insufficient, it should be replenished in time.
5. Check the connection of each electrical component. Each fastening bolt should be compacted and must not be connected.

alignment car lift

Seasonal inspection:
1. Check the bearings of the rollers, pulleys and guide wheels and adjust and replace them according to the situation.
2. Check the wear of the roller and adjust the clearance between the roller and the standard riser to 0.5mm. Loosen the nut first, use

The roller wrench rotates the roller shaft and is tightened after calibration.
3. Check the insulation resistance of the motor and circuit, the metal casing of the electrical equipment, and the grounding resistance of the elevator structure.
4. Perform a fall test and check the reliability of the fall arrester.
5. Check the brake disc for wear with a feeler gauge. The DC brake is energized separately. Check whether the four corners are consistent. Then check the clearance between the armature and the brake disc with a feeler gauge. Generally, it should be 0.5mm~0.7mm.

four-post lift

Annual inspection:
1. Check the cable and repair it or replace it if it is damaged or aged.
2. Check if the elastic parts of the coupling are deteriorated or damaged and replace them immediately.
3. Check the weight of the heavy steel wire rope for deformation, broken wire, etc., and the rope end connection is firm.
4. Thoroughly inspect each component and perform maintenance or replacement in a timely manner. Lubrication Each time the newly installed lift is officially used, it must be fully lubricated, including all parts. During normal operation, the cycle in the following table is followed. If the lift is operated more than one shift, the lubrication cycle should be shortened appropriately. When using the lift in winter, the lubricant with a lower viscosity value should be replaced according to the ambient temperature. The parts with sandblasting must be cleaned before lubrication: 1 worm gear oil is added every week when the gear unit is lower than the oil level surface 2 gears, rack brushed with lithium grease 3, heavy channel is brushed with lithium base Fat monthly 4 anti-fall Full oil gun with lithium base grease 5 Roller oil gun with lithium base grease 6 Counterweight guide wheel oil gun with lithium base grease 7 door slide and door counterweight slide brush with lithium base grease 8 rail stand riser Brushed lithium base grease 9 wire rope per seasonBrushed lithium base grease 10 Day wheel Oil gun lithium base grease 11 Rope wheel Oil gun lithium base grease Half year 12 Reducer Replace the worm gear oil Note: The gear unit should be changed after one week of first use.



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