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Car maintenance has a coup, long-term life guarantee(二)

Car maintenance has a coup, long-term life guarantee(二)

6. Keep the car dry and tidy
Because there are many electronic devices and wires under the dashboard, center console and carpet in the car, it is necessary to keep the car clean and dry. In general, electronic devices can become disasters when they encounter water.
When the car is clean and tidy, the inside of the car will smell fresh. Once the car is wet and the garbage is not cleaned up in time, the smell in the car is unavoidable. Normally, the new car is equipped with an air conditioning filter that travels between 10,000 and 20,000 miles and needs to be replaced. Air conditioner filters that are not replaced in time can also cause odors inside the car. Learn more about cleaning information inside the car. If some functions are not necessary, please turn them off to avoid increasing the burden on your car.

7. Timely maintenance of tires
Regularly check the tire inflation status. Insufficient tire inflation will increase tire wear and increase fuel consumption. Improper tire pressure will speed up the four-wheel drive system that wears the car. Excessive inflation of the tires will accelerate the loss of the suspension system and handling parts. After the winter has passed, please change the general tires in time. After replacing the tires, you need to make a four-wheel alignment. Use tires on a regular basis. Some tires can sag or produce noise if they are not used regularly. If you feel that the grip effect of the car tire is not as good as before, please do a 3D wheel aligner test every 1-2 years. Inappropriate positioning parameters can cause tire wear, suspension system consumption, and poor handling performance.

8. Smooth driving
Drive smoothly. Full throttle acceleration can cause rapid loss and damage to many parts of the car. Acceleration from 0 to 60 at a time is more expensive than smooth driving for several months.
High speed through the deceleration zone can damage your car’s rims, struts, suspension systems and wheel bearings.
If you are only doing short-distance driving every day, please drive the car on the highway. Because short-distance driving does not allow the engine to fully warm up, it accumulates moisture inside the engine.

9. Please take care of the car at a reliable garage.
Find a trusted, experienced repairman or a reputable repair shop to regularly repair and maintain your car. You can find a recommendation from your friend. A repairman who regularly works for you knows your car’s needs more clearly. He will do better and make you more satisfied.
Check the car at least once a year at the repair shop. There are a lot of problems under the car, only your car can be checked when it is lifted by the winch. You can choose only high quality or original (OEM) parts.

10. Timing the car and regularly do other maintenance
In addition to regular oil changes, you need to do some other maintenance on the engine. The air filter needs to be replaced every 10,000 to 20,000 miles. For every 60,000-90,000 miles, your car needs a new spark plug and other parts. A worn spark plug can cause a number of problems, including increased fuel consumption, reduced engine power, and ignition coil failure. The ignition wire should also be replaced regularly. Some cars (such as Honda) need to adjust the valve clearance. Many car timing belts need to be replaced regularly. If you are replacing a timing belt, you can usually change the pump as this requires only a little extra effort.



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