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Is it a wide or a narrow tire to replace the tire with a tire changer?

Is it a wide or a narrow tire to replace the tire with a tire changer?

Nowadays, the car has become one of the main travel tools for everyone. Everyone knows a lot about the car. When it comes to the heart of the car, everyone knows that it is an engine. Some car owners also often maintain the engine, but many car owners have neglected the maintenance of car tires, which caused the car tires to wear out. Once the tires are worn, they need to be replaced. Many people will entangle the tires. Is it a wide or narrow tire?

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Friends who know the car know that a good tire is not only wearable, but also has high grip strength. It can avoid the phenomenon of rolling. It is possible to have friends say, of course, choose a wide tire because the wider the tire , then with the larger the area of ground contact, the larger the contact area, the higher the grip strength. The wide tires will also make the car more stable at high speeds, like the off-road vehicles and SUVs that we can usually see. Can be very good proof of this, but the wide tire has an obvious shortcoming, that is, when driving on a flat road, the tire tire noise will be relatively large, especially at high speeds.

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Now let’s talk about narrow tires. Narrow tires are more popular among young people, because if the tires of the car are narrow tires, the performance of the car can be better, and the fuel consumption of the car will be reduced accordingly, but narrow.The shortcomings of the tires are also very obvious. Most of the car rear-ends that we all know are due to the poor grip ability of the narrow tires, which makes it difficult to brake the car, resulting in a rear-end collision. If it is at high speed, the consequences are even more serious.

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In normal life, some car owners need to use a tire changer to change tires. They usually choose which tires to replace according to their own preferences, but the old drivers do not agree with this practice because the original tires produced by the car It is most suitable for cars. When producing cars, tires will choose to install narrow tires or wide tires according to the weight of the car. If the car itself is a wide tire and you have a narrow tire, then it is possible to press the tire. Explosion, so Meng sister here suggested that owners do not change tires at will.

Summary: Cars can’t change tire size at will. If you have to change it, you must find a professional to replace it. You can’t change it yourself. Otherwise, it will not only cause damage to the car, but also may cause it an accident.



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