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Tire wear and tear prevention measures

Tire wear and tear prevention measures

Preventing tires from eating tires can do some preventive measures on a regular basis. For example, regular four-wheel alignment, tire dynamic balance, and four-wheel shifting of tires every 40,000 kilometers can effectively prevent the wheels from eating. You have to check the wheels yourself, and the small stones on the pattern should be handled frequently. Don’t stick them in the pattern for a long time.

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Of course, tire wear is not just a few, such as excessive braking, chassis suspension loose, etc., can cause tire wear. At present, most of the family cars are front-wheel drive of the front engine, and the pressure on the front tire is relatively large, that is, the drive wheel is the steering wheel, so the front tire wears faster than the rear tire, and the appearance of partial wear is prone to occur. Therefore, we should regularly check the tire pressure and follow the driver’s manual to remind the tires to change positions, which can extend the service life of the tires. Unexpected wear was found, and timely four-wheel alignment prevented further eating.

Ok, here are a few tips for checking tires. The current tires are constructed without a tube, so the tires must be filled to the standard value. The pressure value will be found in the driver’s manual or in the position of the B-pillar or the position of the fuel cap.

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This value is the air pressure in the cold state. When our tires become hot, this value will increase a little due to the thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, the tire should be added to the original standard value by about 20% in the hot car.

When the tires are used for a long time, the pattern will wear out. How much will the tire pattern be replaced? As can be seen from the figure below, the small triangle on the side of the tire, the position to the tread is the wear limit mark, if the pattern wears to this point, it will be replaced.

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Otherwise, the drainage, braking and comfort will be reduced.

There is also a certain balance after the tire repair, or the wheel swing will cause wear.



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