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Boss, how long has your portable scissor car lift been not maintained?

Boss, how long has your portable scissor car lift been not maintained?

Aging is terrible. Not only does people need maintenance, but the car you drive must be maintained, and if you want to open an auto repair shop, your equipment needs maintenance.

Especially the Portable  scissor car lift

Portable large scissor lift maintenance process

ortable large scissor lift

1. Pay attention to prevent dust and sand from entering the hydraulic system, and if necessary, clean it in time.
2. Regularly clean the dust on the sliding part of the lift (such as connecting pin, slider, slider guide).

3. Check the safety lock hook during use and clean the surface with grease.
4. Regularly add yellow grease (from the filling hole).

5. Regularly check the tightness of the hydraulic cylinder and replace it if it is damaged.

6. Check regularly if the hydraulic fluid is missing.

7. The portable scissor lift uses No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, which is replaced every 18 months. The first replacement is three months.
When replacing, first remove the oil.

All hydraulic oil in the tank can be filled with new oil.

Portable small scissor lift maintenance process

Portable small scissor lift

1. Remove the utensils and debris that interfere with the work near the lift before use, and check if the operating handle is normal.

2. The operation control mechanism is sensitive and effective, and the hydraulic system is not allowed to climb.

3. The two platform legs should be on the same plane when parking.

4. Lifting tools must be placed before lifting equipment is required to have lifting tools.

5. After the vehicle is to be lifted, it should be parked within the scope of the formulation.

6. Personnel should leave the vehicle when lifting, and lift the rope to the required height before starting the chassis operation.



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