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Portable hydraulic scissor car lifts assembly requirements and processes

Portable hydraulic scissor car lifts assembly requirements and processes

In order to meet the high-efficiency and precise assembly requirements of the large inertia components of portable hydraulic scissor car lifts, a multi-degree-of-freedom mobile hydraulic car lift with lateral movement, longitudinal movement and rotation functions is designed. The platform utilizes hydraulic cylinders and thrust bearings to realize vertical and horizontal movement, rotary motion, and lifting movement of the multi-layer work surface, and can move by itself, and has multi-degree of freedom motion characteristics, thereby enabling efficient and precise positioning of large inertia components during assembly. Multiple degrees of freedom With the continuous development of the world economy, the production of portable hydraulic scissor lifts has entered a period of rapid development.

Portable hydraulic scissor car lifts

Assembly is an important part of the manufacturing process of portable hydraulic scissor lifts, and the cost of assembly work is an important part of the total manufacturing cost. In order to adapt to the ever-increasing assembly precision and assembly efficiency, it is necessary to use a special hydraulic rotary platform for the precision assembly of the car lift when assembling the high-quality components of the car lift, in order to assemble the large-quality components to the vehicle body in the range of the micro-shift. In the prior art, the working
platforms in various types of hydraulic car lifts can only up and down in the vertical direction, and can not complete the vertical and horizontal movement of the horizontal plane and the rotary motion in the horizontal plane, which is equipped with the large inertia car lift bottom parts and electrical Equipment and other components are very inconvenient and limit the application of portable hydraulic scissor lifts. To this end, it is necessary to add corresponding plane displacement and rotary motion functions on the basis of the original conventional hydraulic car lifts, and to adapt to the high-efficiency precision assembly requirements of the car liftswith the flexibility of multiple degrees of freedom. The mobile hydraulic car lift for precision assembly of automobile lifts first solves the technical requirements of the automobile lift manufacturer for large parts and components such as locomotive underbody assembly parts and electrical equipment, and the mechanism is also applicable to the use requirements of other similar occasions. The hydraulic platform truck itself is a moving wheel and the moving and rotating structure is matched with each other so that the aluminum alloy car lift is no longer limited to the movement on the track during assembly or maintenance, and can be easily moved and rotated even on the flat floor, thereby improving production. And maintenance efficiency, it can be easily and quickly realized forward, backward or rotation, etc. The operation is simple and convenient, and the large inertia parts can be quickly and accurately positioned.

portable scissor car lift

Portable hydraulic scissor lifts High-efficiency precision assembly Mobile hydraulic lifts are a combination of machine, electricity and liquid, mainly consisting of: scissor lift body, floating table, steering and drive, hydraulic system, electronic control The system is composed of parts. The conventional platform is limited by the power supply, the walking distance and direction are limited, and the platform table is fixed. The hydraulic car lift precision assembly rotatable hydraulic car lift is powered by the storage battery, and the walking motion is realized by the hydraulic motor work, and the platform ascending and descending action is realized by the lifting hydraulic cylinder. In addition, the platform working area of the platform is also provided with a horizontal, vertical androtating working action area. The horizontal moving area directly drives the platform table to realize the lateral movement by the traverse cylinder working. The vertical working area is directly driven by the vertical working cylinder to push the platform table. Longitudinal movement, the rotating working area uses the cylinder to drive the rack to rotate, because the rack meshes with the center gear disc to rotate the gear disc, and the rotation of the gear plate drives the rotating surface of the floating platform. Conclusion The authors designed a standard pressure
generator based on a two-pump hydraulic system. The servo motor is used to drive the double pump to generate pressure. By adjusting the speed of the double pump and using the single-chip controller to perform closed-loop feedback control on the standard pressure, the standard pressure output is finally realized. The results show that within the relative error, the accuracy requirements of pressure calibration are achieved.

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