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What is the working principle of a portable electric car lift?

What is the working principle of a portable electric car lift?

In general basement parking, if the area is not very large, the best way to save the ramp lane space to the basement is to design a portable electric car lift.

portable car lift

portable electric car lifts, also known as Car elevators, are people and vehicles driving into the elevator at the same time. In the basement parking lot, people and vehicles simultaneously lift the elevators and directly reach the underground parking lot.

portable electric car lifts

It is also possible to design how to use the second to third floor parking lot on the ground.

portable electric car lifts are one of the most commonly used equipment in auto repair shops. It lifts the repaired car to a certain height from the ground for easy repair personnel enter the bottom of the car, or perform tire disassembly, four wheel alignment and other work.

Portable hydraulic scissor car lifts

Mainly used for field wiring and street lamp maintenance. The car is installed with a drive that uses the car’s own power to drive the lift work. In the absence of a power supply,Take normal work. The portable electric car lift has a fast walking speed, is fast to set up, and is easy to use. It is equipped with a protective fence on the lifting table, which has high safety performance and is lifted and lowered.stable. Mainly used for high-altitude maintenance of traffic, electric power, municipal, and oil fields.



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