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How to use a portable car hoist for chassis armor?

How to use a portable car hoist for chassis armor?

How does the car judge whether to do chassis armor?

Since the chassis protection of each brand model is different, the new car can be lifted up to view the chassis with a portable car hoist. If you feel there is a layer the plastic is glued to the bottom of the car and has flexibility, indicating that it has been protected. If you touch a hard and cold steel plate, it means no protection. Pay special attention when checkingWhether the car’s wheel arc, the inside of the fender and the connecting steel frame are protected, these key parts are usually missed by the manufacturer.

Chassis armor

Also check the chassis defense whether the material is simple and similar to asphalt material, the asphalt material is dry and hard, the elasticity is insufficient, it is easy to fall off, and the protection of the chassis is very limited.Some cars that often run on muddy roads often have to check whether the chassis has been scratched or rusted. The car that has been used for a long time will check the chassis.There is no rust.

Chassis armor

How to make car chassis armor?

Chassis armor is carried out in two steps:

First, clean, lift the car body with a portable car hoist, clean the chassis with a cleaning agent, and clean the sand, oil and other debris.Dropped, revealing the original metal surface.

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The second is to spray a layer of colloidal elastic protective layer on the chassis. This spraying can be done multiple times or once. Multiple spraying is relatively laborious but solidified faster. One spray saves time but the cure is slow, and the actual effect is the same. After spraying, you must wait until the surface is dry, that is, the surface is not sticky, you can put the car go awap. It takes about 4 hours to wait until the surface is dry.

To do chassis armor, you must use a portable car hoist to lift the body, and then use professional personnel to deal with it, it will be better



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