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The Operation Process of Four Wheel Alignment

The Operation Process of Four Wheel Alignment

The Operation Process and Diagnosis of Four Wheel Alignment

Procedure I : Enquire and record the condition of the vehicle

The repairman should carefully listen to and record drivers’ descriptions of the vehicle incompatibility. Some incompatibility caused by improper positioning angle can be found through chassis inspection, for instance: tire wear. But some cannot be found directly, so it is quite important to listen carefully to the driver’s description. In order to know more condition of the vehicle, confirm the approximate defect area and make accurate judgment of the possible causes, the repairman should test run the vehicle if necessary. In many workshop, the test run usually done by their manager.

Procedure II : Visual inspection of steering and suspension system
After the enquiry and test run completed, the next step is to make a visual inspection of the vehicle’s steering system and suspension system. It cannot eliminate the problems of steering system and tire wear if do the four Wheel Alignment only, there are some other reasons caused above problems. Therefore, in order to know the main causes of the faults thoroughly, quickly and accurately, it is necessary to inspect all the parts of steering and suspension system before the four Wheel Alignment.

Procedure III: The work before the vehicle runs deviation
If the problem description and the detection results that is the deviation of the vehicle are the same between the driver and the repairman, please make sure the deviation if caused by the side slip.


Particular methods:
1.If the tire is vacuum (MERIDIAN TIRE), swap the front left and right wheel, and then test run the vehicle. If the deviation is facing the opposite direction after the swapping of the left and right wheel, it is certain that the front wheel skidding is one of the influencing factors (often the main factor).


Two solutions below:
1.Swap the four wheels until find out the proper combination to eliminate the deviations.
2.Remove the tire of any of the two wheels of the front axle, and turn it over 180° before installation. After the tire swapping, it can significantly reduce the side-slip deviation. It is recommended that the driver replace new tire if the effect not available.
3.If there is no change to the direction of deviation after swapping the front left and right wheel, do the same operation to the rear left and right wheels. If the direction of deviation is on change after rear wheel swapping, it is certain that the deviation not caused by side-slip, and must be used the four wheel aligners to perform the four Wheel Alignment to find out the reasons of the deviation.


Procedure IV: Four Wheel Alignment measurement
With the rapid development of automobile industry, the development of four wheel alignment develops quickly as well. The measurement and the operation procedure of four wheel alignment are not the same between different manufacturers. But the basic procedures are: Open the Software—Enter Four Wheel Alignment System—Car Type Selection and Customers Information Record—Measurement—Adjustment—Save and Print the Data.




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