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roadbuck – leading the international car wash equipment industry high-end market

roadbuck – leading the international car wash equipment industry high-end market

As the wind vane of the domestic car wash lifting equipment industry, roadbuck has been committed to improving service quality, and is committed to improving the grade of international car wash lifting equipment. Every year, new manufacturers join the car wash lifting equipment market, and want to get a piece of it, which also led to The quality of car wash equipment is uneven, and many customers who prefer price can’t buy it.

To the car wash equipment that is really worth the high value.

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According to the quality of the car wash lifting equipment, the domestic car wash hoist manufacturers can be divided into low, medium and high.

Low-end manufacturers see the potential of the car wash lifting equipment market, but due to the constraints of capital and production technology, they can only make small-scale investment. Under the conditions of low production cost and lack of strict production process, the quality of car wash lifting equipment produced is There is no guarantee that the price-oriented customers will use the machine for a period of time, the machine failure will occur frequently, and at the same time, because there is no corresponding after-sales service, the machine is in a paralyzed state. Such manufacturers will disappear after a period of time, which is also an important reason for the emergence of new manufacturers in the car wash equipment market, but can not grow and develop.

The mid-end car wash hoisting equipment manufacturers have relatively complete process and after-sales service, but because of the use of low-cost accessories, and the quality of key components are not guaranteed, the car wash hoist after a period of use, the problem continues, huge The service team can’t keep up with the maintenance frequency of the machine. In the long run, the customer is fatigued and many devices are put aside.

The market is increasingly calling for high-quality car wash equipment. The emergence of Lu Bake fills the gap in the high-end car washing machine market, and at the same time comprehensive and caring service, let more customers Start to contact roadbuck, understand roadbuck, believe roadbuck, follow roadbuck. The facts also prove that only high-quality car wash lifting equipment can meet the growing automotive service market.

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The quality of international car wash lifting equipment is stepped, and roadbuck has always provided customers with more valuable choices to further improve the quality of the car washing machine and always follow the customer experience.

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