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What is the impact of the tire balance block?

What is the impact of the tire balance block?

It is very important to ensure the balance of the tires. It not only helps to extend the service life of the tires and the normal performance of the vehicle, but also contributes to the safety of the driver. Unbalanced tire movement can cause irregular wear of the tire and unnecessary wear of the vehicle suspension system, and unbalanced tires traveling on the road can also cause the vehicle to bump and cause driving fatigue.

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Therefore, if the tire balance block is lost, it will affect the balance of the tire. It depends on whether the owner can feel it when driving.

Generally, the error value of tire dynamic balance is 5g-10g. The minimum weight of the balance block is 5g, and the balance block loses a piece of tire that is at least 5g.

If the balance is not good, the car will tremble when it reaches a certain speed. It is also to damage the tire bearing and affect the suspension body. It is best to take a new time to prevent future troubles.

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Whether it’s installing new tires or replacing old ones, the tires should be balanced when they are first installed on the rim, and they should be rebalanced if they are repaired in the future. Given the road conditions in China, it is recommended to do a tire balance at least every quarter to a professional tire store.



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