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How to use the car scissor lift and daily precautions?

How to use the car scissor lift and daily precautions?

1. How to use the car scissor lift and precautions

    (1) Before work, remove obstacles around and under the machine

    (2) When lifting, there shall be no people in the specified area of the lift and the upper and lower parts of the machine and the vehicles on the platform.

    (3) Vehicles or other goods that cannot lift more than the range of the lifting capacity of the machine

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    (4) When lifting, pad should be placed under the chassis of the vehicle.

    (5) During the lifting process, observe whether the lift platform is synchronized at any time, find abnormalities, stop in time, check and eliminate the fault before it can be put into use.

    (6) When lowering the operation, first raise the lifting platform a little, pay attention to observe whether the two claws and the safety teeth are completely disengaged, otherwise stop falling.

    (7) When the machine is not used for a long time or overnight, the platform should be lowered to the * position, and the vehicle should be driven away to cut off the power.

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2, car scissor lift maintenance and maintenance

    (1) should be operated by trained operators

    (2), all the hinge shafts of the machine, once a week with the oil can add oil

    (3), the moving rack and the moving parts such as the upper and lower sliders, add grease once a month.

    (4) Replace the hydraulic oil once a year, and the oil level should be kept at the upper limit for a long time.



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