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How often does the car do a four wheel alignment?

How often does the car do a four wheel alignment?

For the owner, four-wheel alignment is not unfamiliar. The so-called four-wheel alignment, from the literal point of view, seems to be related to only four wheels, in fact, the four-wheel alignment is actually to adjust the position of the tire’s steering wheel, steering knuckle and front axle to ensure the vehicle Good driving performance.

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Four-wheel alignment is a kind of maintenance. Under normal circumstances, if there is no problem with the car, there is no need to do four- wheel alignment. That is to say, only if the car really has a problem, it needs to do four wheel alignment, so the four-wheel alignment is not It needs to be done regularly as well as maintenance, and should be done as appropriate.

So, when is it necessary to do four wheel alignment? How often do you do it?
Several situations that need to be done in four rounds are as follows:
1. Replace the steering tie rod and other chassis parts related to adjusting the four wheel alignment parameters.
2. When the front and rear tires are abnormally worn.
3. When the vehicle is driving straight, the vehicle runs to the left or right.
4. The steering wheel is floating, trembling or overweight during driving.

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This also requires the owner to pay more attention to the driving experience when driving the vehicle, and more to check the use of the tire. The misalignment of the four-wheel alignment parameters is mostly caused by the severe impact of the chassis components during long-term driving, especially when the wheels die over the road, the car has a collision accident, the road conditions for long-term driving are very poor, etc. Attention. If you don’t feel obvious faults, but always suspect that the wheel is not positioned correctly, you can also do a four wheel alignment check. As for how long to do the problem, if there is no obvious fault, then the four-wheel alignment “maintenance” The project is completely exempt.

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Generally speaking, a car that is normally driving should generally have a four-wheel alignment when it is 20,000 kilometers. Otherwise, there may be a phenomenon of car deviation and eating. If the car has not reached 20,000 kilometers, there is a serious irregular wear of the tires. For example, the wear on both sides of the tires is inconsistent. If you have a baby, you should do four wheel alignment as soon as possible. In addition, when driving, I feel that the steering maneuverability is worse, the steering strength is not uniform, or when we are
driving at high speed, we feel that the car is going to the left or right, and the car is swinging left and right, eliminating the chassis suspension of the car tire itself. After the problem of the parts, four wheel alignment is also required.




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