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How much does it cost to do wheel alignment?

How much does it cost to do wheel alignment?

Whether it is a new car or a used car, the wheel alignment is done every once in a while, so the problems that come with it appear. Nowadays, the wheel alignment machine on the market is varied, and there are also imported domestic products. Vulgar When it comes to price points, many car owners always like to shop around when they are doing wheel alignment for their cars, or go to a professional repair shop to make corrections, or buy equipment to handle them themselves, and the primary factor of purchase is It is the price. Faced with different wheel aligner testing equipment on the market, some car owners are easily lost due to lack of relevant experience.

Greedy is too big to be

What is wheel alignment? Wheel alignment is simply a training program for the purpose of keeping the car running straight and maintaining cornering stability. The terminology is interpreted as the general term for the alignment of the front and rear wheels, ie the car’sThe installation between the steering wheel, the steering knuckle and the front axle has a certain relative position. This installation with a certain relative position is called steering wheel alignment, also called front wheel alignment. Front wheel alignment includes caster backwards (angle),The main pin has an inward tilt (angle), a front wheel camber (angle) and a front wheel toe. This is for the two steering
front wheels. For the two rear wheels, there is also a relative position to be installed between the rear axle and the rear axle. Rear wheel alignment Includes wheel camber (angle) and front wheel toe.

5d wheel alignment machine

Brand understanding

  At present, the wheel alignment machine on the market are diverse, and consumers are easy to enter the blind spot of consumption, so it is especially important to know some essential brand common sense for the purchase of wheel alignment products. Currently on the market Wheel aligners mainly include front beam gauges and optical level locators, cable locators, CCD locators, laser locators, and 3D image locators. Among them, 3D, CCD and laser products are the three major mainstream products on the market. Products, 3D products are the most advanced wheel alignment machine on the market. The measurement method is advanced and the measurement
time is only one-fifth of that of traditional wheel alignment machine. It has gradually entered the mature stage.

Price war competition

  If you go to a professional repair shop to adjust, then the cost is generally not very high, the average car is about 100 yuan, luxury cars are slightly more expensive. In fact, many netizens reflect the price of 4S shops or repair shops.

Wheel alignment costs are related to working hours and models.

  Different models will affect the structure of the car body and even the test data, so the specific cost of the wheel alignment is also rising as the model level continues to rise. However, because the wheel alignment is only done by the instrument

Adjustment, so the cost is all working hours. The working hour fee refers to the labor income obtained from automobile maintenance. It is determined according to the settlement working hour quota and the settlement unit price of the automobile maintenance. At present, there is a lack of uniform charging standards for working hours in the industry.

roadbuck wheel alignment machine

Quasi-, although guided by the manufacturer, but the specific implementation is still mastered by the various repair stations. At present, the 4S shop considers the charging factor to be more complicated. It does not rule out the use of working hours to earn high profits, which has become a more taboo in the industry.

Key look

  The correctness of the wheel alignment adjustment will directly affect the driving safety of the owner. The wheel alignment machine not only enhances driving comfort and tire life, but also reduces the consumption of gasoline and the wear of the chassis suspension components.

The straight-through stability of the vehicle plays a crucial role. After the wheel alignment is completed, the test can immediately feel the effect, otherwise it is difficult to judge whether it is good or not.

china wheel alignment machine

  roadbuck concluded: how much to do wheel positioning depends on the specific working hours, of course, including the level of the vehicle, if it is a luxury car, the corresponding adjustment costs will be higher. I have to do one after driving a new car for 3 months.

Second wheel positioning, do it again in the next half year or 20,000 km; of course, after replacing the new tire or after the collision accident repair, the front and rear tires are unilaterally eccentric, the steering wheel is too heavy or trembling while driving, and the car goes left or right when going straight.

The wheel alignment should be done when the deviation is equal.



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