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How long does it take to get the wheel alignment?

How long does it take to get the wheel alignment?

After the vehicle has been on for a long time, does it feel that the car will travel all the way to the left or the right, and there will be a unilateral wear of the floating tires? If so, then your car may have to be positioned. It is. Why is this happening where wheel alignment is required?

In fact, it is mainly because the vehicle is often subjected to the impact of many rugged roads, potholes and water hole covers and the wear of the chassis parts. The long-term vibration and shaking will cause the factory to set the suspension and The mechanical position of the tire changes, and the above situation occurs when the angle runs away.

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If the tire positioning of the vehicle ran away without repositioning, then the vehicle will not only be left and right, causing the tire to wear out for a long time, but also the dragging phenomenon caused by the different angles of the tires, causing the vehicle to run poorly and increasing fuel consumption. Increase the risk of high-speed driving, increase driving fatigue and damage to chassis parts. So when do you need to position the tires and how often do you want to do it?

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Here we can only give you a suggestion is to at least have to do a tire positioning every year or 10,000 kilometers to do a positioning. If you use a long time, it is best to do a positioning for six months or three months, such as a taxi or a truck. In fact, seriously speaking, everyone’s driving habits, time and mileage are different, and the road environment for walking will be different. Therefore, if any of the following situations occur, you have to help the car to be positioned.

he following situations need to be located in time:

1. When the vehicle is driving straight on a flat road, the steering wheel is not correct.

2. The vehicle will slide to the left or right when driving straight on a flat road.

3. Tire wear is not normal, there is a serious phenomenon of eating tires

4. The body will be unstable

5. The steering wheel will shake left and right

6. There is a floating situation when driving

7. The vehicle has collided

8. When replacing chassis parts such as suspension, steering system, tripod or connecting rod

It is very necessary to do wheel alignment. He is the guarantee of your driving case.

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