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Four wheel aligner manufacturers teach you five strokes to do car four wheel alignment

Four wheel aligner manufacturers teach you five strokes to do car four wheel alignment

1. When using the instrument for four-wheel alignment, pay attention to whether the four-wheel alignment instrument of the maintenance factory is qualified. Four wheel aligner manufacturers

2. Confirm that the vehicle data used by the maintenance personnel for your car is accurate.

  The car is getting updated, the data is also being updated, and the upgrade of the positioning instrument is often unable to keep up with the times. Some new cars can only be selected according to some old cars. It is best to bring your car manual when positioning, because there is accurate data about your car.

3d wheel alignment

3. Check the printed data after the car is positioned.

Whether the camber angle of the front wheel is within the standard range, don’t be too much, and there is no difference between the left and right, because it will cause your car to go wrong. At the rear rake angle, only the back rake angles of some particularly high-end cars are around 8 degrees because they have good power steering systems. The fore-aid value of the rear wheel of the current high-end car is also adjustable. If there is too much difference from the standard value, it will make your car run off.

5d wheel alignment
4, the car is not a standard chassis of the car, like some SUVs, pickups, small passenger cars, etc., they are equipped with torsion bar springs, open for a long time will cause the left and right car height is inconsistent, this time you need to adjust the torsion bar to reach the standard value.

5, do not pay attention to is not to make the car’s high-profile and factory standard values are inconsistent, while the low will go wrong; overall too low to run will lose the effect of shock absorption, too high will make your car run a kind of floating The feeling is that it is important to pay attention not to the front high and then low.



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