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How to better choose the four wheel aligner manufacturers(二)

How to better choose the four wheel aligner manufacturers(二)

Instrument features and additional features

All four wheel aligners will say: I can measure anything! In fact, it’s not that simple. If a locator has only two sensors, it is very difficult to require the instrument to correctly perform full four wheel alignment (the so-called full four-wheel positioning is to consider the position of the rear wheel of the vehicle while measuring the front wheel). Today’s vehicles are becoming more upscale, and failure to perform full four-wheel alignment will be a fatal weakness.

Whether the four-wheel aligner is combined with the latest or related technologies and exhibits determines the additional practical value of the locator. For example, the rear wheels of most vehicles are not adjustable, but there are many problems in the rear wheels. In the face of such problems, the owners often push the vehicle to the big repair shop, which affects the business income of the owners and brings trouble to the customers. Of course, most of the positioning services are inseparable from the maintenance. If the locator can provide as much maintenance information and information as possible, the locator has a very good added value, and of course it is popular.

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Four wheel aligner price problem

The price of the locator is somewhat higher than the economic strength of domestic customers. Because most locators are from abroad, the increase in tariffs and middlemen is the main reason for the high retail price. Even some domestic and semi-domestic products are compared with foreign goods. If there is a factory direct selling brand, it is in the current international market leading position in technology, but the domestic brand can be compared in price, and it is undoubtedly welcomed by customers.

After-sales service of four wheel aligners

As a product with high technology content, the locator has maintenance and maintenance problems. As a measuring instrument, there are problems in calibration and calibration, as well as upgrade and data update. If the after-sales service cannot keep up, In particular, poor technology, poor transportation and poor communication will cause customers to suffer. Imagine: A supplier can only import the whole machine through imitation or import parts assembly or pure commercial import, but they have little knowledge or know nothing about technology and vehicle technology. How can they reassure customers? Customers can spend a lot of money! The locator is out of order, the supplier will not diagnose, or will not be able to buy accessories, or change the accessories without debugging, or debugging, and will not measure the calibration, and so on, in the end, customers and suppliers only Can not do anything, arbitrarily delay the benefits, self-confessed. Many customers have bought one after another. After changing one and the other, the unused ones that had been purchased earlier had to be idle, which was a direct consequence of the after-sales service of the supplier.

3d wheel alignment machine multi Languages

It can be seen that when selecting a four-wheel aligner, it is very important for the supplier (the locator manufacturer) to have a comprehensive inspection and understanding. Whether the manufacturer has a series of technical levels such as independent research and development, design, production, testing, measurement calibration, etc. Whether there is a sound and perfect after-sales service network, advanced service concept and mode, these are the key steps to choose a brand; secondly, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the model, function and price of the product according to its actual situation and demand point; In this way, we can purchase products that satisfy our customers and truly satisfy the needs of our customers.



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