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How to better choose the four wheel aligner manufacturers(一)

How to better choose the four wheel aligner manufacturers(一)

The technical advantage of the instrument is self-evident. In the modern life and work rhythm, the use of the cable pull instrument, very few people can tolerate, and not to mention its accuracy, the efficiency of this instrument is undoubtedly too bad, the locator using this technology is equivalent Still living in the primitive society. It is imperative to purchase a suitable and high-tech locator.

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However, in the face of many suppliers, they all advertise their products are the best, the most accurate measurement, can be accurate to one micron, one thousandth, one ten thousandth, etc., the so-called Wang Po sell melon, Self-selling boast. In fact, the front beam error can be 3 points, which is already a very high level. The average should be about 5 points. So how do you buy a four-wheel aligner correctly?

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The purpose of purchasing a four-wheel alignment

1. Correctly measure the four-wheel alignment of various vehicles;

2. Provide and provide as many adjustment and maintenance information as possible for the owners.

Purchase ideas

1. Does the instrument correctly measure various vehicle data?

2. Is the instrument technically leading?

3. Is the instrument cost-effective?

4. Is the service of the instrument reliable and guaranteed?

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