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How should the four-post lift and the Two Post Ground Lift be maintained?

How should the four-post lift and the Two Post Ground Lift be maintained?

Daily maintenance of four-post lift:

1. Pay attention to whether the performance of the lift is normal. If there is any malfunction
or oil leakage, it should be repaired immediately.

2. Clean the piston of the hydraulic cylinder to remove dirt from the sand.

3. Keep the equipment clean after work.

On the first Monday of each quarter:

1. Clean and lubricate all slides.

2. Check the pawl and lubricate the sliding surface.

3. Check the cable. If it is found to be damaged, replace it with a new one.

4. Observe the hydraulic oil sight hole and pay attention to whether the hydraulic oil is

four-post lift

Other maintenance:

1. The hydraulic oil should be replaced once a year, and the hydraulic oil viscosity is 32CSL
high-quality hydraulic oil.

2. The steel rope should be replaced once in three years or 15,000 times.

Two Post  Lift maintenance process

Performed monthly:

two-post lift

1. Check and retighten the anchor screws.

2. Lubricate the chain/cable with a spray lubricant.

3. Check all chains, connectors, bolts and pins to ensure reliable and secure.

4. Visually inspect for possible wear on all hydraulic lines.

5. Check that the slider movement inside the column is properly lubricated. Timely supplement
with high quality heavy grease.

All anchor screws should be fully tightened. If there are screws that do not work, the hoist
should not be used until the bolts are replaced.



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