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What should you pay attention to during the use of the car lift?

What should you pay attention to during the use of the car lift?

For car lifts, it is necessary to check, which area should be checked?

1. Regular maintenance must be carried out by the operator every three months. If the user uses it at a higher frequency or in a harsh environment, the user will use it.

The body condition shortens the maintenance time accordingly.

2. During the daily operation, it is necessary to check whether the safety device is sensitive and effective, whether the hydraulic system leaks, whether the oil quantity is sufficient, and the column rail is added grease.

Portable hydraulic scissor car lifts

3. Check whether the work of the main and auxiliary insurance hooks is sensitive and reliable.

4. Check if the synchronous wire rope is loose. If it is loose, please tighten and fix it.

5. Check the amount of oil in the fuel tank to make up the hydraulic oil.


6. Clean the hydraulic system.

7. The hydraulic oil is routinely replaced once a year (replaced for the first time for three months). When changing the hydraulic oil, lower the lift to the lowest position, the hydraulic oil should not have

Any pressure (zero pressure), no load on the lift, add N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, waste oil treatment must be carried out in accordance with local environmental regulations.

8. Clean the oil and burrs on the column guide rails and check if the slider wear is serious and should be replaced in time.



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