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What are the advantages of doing a four-wheel aligner?

What are the advantages of doing a four-wheel aligner?

Tire benefit
Since it is called four-wheel alignment, it is definitely a great advantage for the tires. After four rounds of positioning, the tires can be kept at the best angle with the car body, and the grip is improved while the grip is improved. Of course, if the vehicle is in an abnormal state and does not perform four-wheel alignment, it will not only have a greater impact on safety, but also the life of the tire will be greatly reduced. The price of a tire can range from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. If you don’t care for the tires, you will lose a lot of money.

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Improve control
The tires are in a normal state and of course have a very good help for driving safety. After four-wheel alignment adjustment, the driving maneuverability can be guaranteed accordingly. Especially in an emergency, the tires have enough grip to do their best.

It is possible to follow the driver’s driving trajectory. Although this is only an emergency, there is a certain danger in driving. If you can make a corresponding judgment at the moment when the danger is coming, I believe that your safety will be fully guaranteed.

Fuel saving
Fuel consumption is reduced as the rolling friction coefficient of the tire decreases, which is obvious. After four-wheel alignment adjustment, the vehicle can follow the correct trajectory, which reduces the wind resistance to a certain extent.

The consumption will also decrease. Combined with the standard tire pressure value, the tire can not only maintain the best grip effect, but also reduce the friction between the tire and the ground as much as possible, achieving the effect of killing two birds with one stone.

If the tires are good, the safety will be greatly improved. In fact, after four-wheel alignment adjustment, the service technician will also check the condition of the car suspension system and other components. This inspection can determine whether the tire has an adverse effect on the chassis system. If abnormalities are found, not only the tires are optimized, but also the chassis is trimmed accordingly, so that the tires can be judged by the tires to detect the degree of wear of the corresponding parts, and the safety hazards can be found early and completely eliminated.

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Positioning factor
(1) Driving at high speed on uneven roads;

(2) The front wheel is impacted by external forces, and the steps of the upper walkway;

(3) often killing the place in place;

(4) The tire pressure is outside the standard range.

Therefore, the majority of riders should pay attention to the following points when maintaining your car:

(1) When passing obstacles, try to slow down and bypass;

(2) The front wheel tire pattern must be consistent, which can ensure the best driving performance, prevent the phenomenon of insufficient adhesion, noise, side slip, partial grinding, etc.; (3) After updating or repairing the tire, the tire dynamic balance must be carried out. test.



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