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Under what circumstances do you need to do four wheel alignment?

Under what circumstances do you need to do four wheel alignment?

The tires of the car are not perpendicular to the ground, and the left and right wheels are not parallel. They have a certain angle. To achieve such an angle, it is necessary to have strict requirements on the position of each tie rod and suspension, so that the tire can be mounted on the vehicle to form such an angle. If the angle of the tire changes, we can’t see it with the naked eye. It needs to be detected by the instrument. The process of this test is called four-wheel positioning. Four-wheel alignment is only to check whether the tire positioning data is accurate or not, and it cannot be used for correction. The correction is done by the maintenance technician’s adjustment or replacement parts.

Why do you say that four-wheel alignment is best not to do it at will? There are three reasons: 1. First of all, it is necessary to find out whether the fault phenomenon is caused by incorrect positioning data. If not, then there is no need to do four-wheel positioning. 2. Four wheel alignment requires careful patience and skill. If the positioning instrument is not carefully installed, the card is not in place, there will be a large error, and the adjustment will be worse after the adjustment, because the data itself is wrong.

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There are also some positioning instruments used in the repair shop, which have large errors, or have not updated the standard positioning value of the new model. It is useless to operate the person. There are also some details. For example, the positioning of the vehicle requires no load. Filling the cargo will also affect the accuracy. The positioning personnel who do not pay attention to the details may not care whether the cargo is full. 3. If you encounter an unprofessional technician, you may be able to confuse the positioning data.

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Generally, there is a situation where the deviation, steering wheel, and tires need to be used for four-wheel positioning. If there is no fault phenomenon, it is only said that the number of kilometers is too large, or the tires are changed, and so on, there is no need to do four-wheel positioning.

Do not check the following four situations.

If there is a deviation, you should first consider the air pressure or tire problem. If the air pressure is high and low, it will cause deviation; if the tire is new on the side, or the two tires on the coaxial are not the same, it will cause deviation. If you deviate on certain road sections, then it must be the deviation caused by the road problem, no need to repair.

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If the vehicle is eating tires, first check the tire pressure and the installation direction is correct. Excessive air pressure will cause serious wear in the middle of the tire, and too low will cause serious wear on both sides of the tire. If the tire is a one-way tire, but it is reversed, it will also cause eating. Because deviation and eating are the most common reasons for positioning, once this failure occurs, first check the tires, and finally consider four-wheel positioning.



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