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Correcting the mistakes of the owner’s four wheel alignment

Correcting the mistakes of the owner’s four wheel alignment

1, think that doing four-wheel alignment is to adjust the front wheel toe.

Four-wheel alignment, as the name implies, requires the positioning of the four wheels of the car to be considered. The toe is a concept of angle, technically called the toe angle.

In fact, the front wheel has not only the toe angle, but also the camber angle of the wheel, the caster angle of the kingpin, and the camber angle of the kingpin. The rear wheel also has a toe angle and a main positioning angle such as wheel camber and propulsion angle. When doing four-wheel positioning, the positioning angle of the rear wheel is more important.

2, choose a cheap store to do four-wheel alignment , the problem can not be solved.

At present, many domestic and foreign manufacturers of four-wheel aligners compete to occupy the market. The locators of various forms and quality are dazzling. There are no intellectual property rights and locator manufacturers with no technical content to compete to lower prices.

In fact, behind the low price is actually because the technical content and measurement accuracy of the equipment is not high, and the result is that the positioning problem of the vehicle cannot be fundamentally solved.

3, the owner does not understand the common sense of four-wheel positioning operation, easy to be fooled.

Most users don’t know much about the knowledge of four-wheel positioning. They don’t care about the operation when they do wheel positioning for their cars, and they rarely give their opinions. Some maintenance personnel will avoid the owner to do the four-wheel alignment. Other maintenance personnel will not check the positioning before positioning. Even the cracks of the semi-axle rubber sleeve and the hem arm joint rubber sleeve cannot be informed to the owner in time, resulting in future users. Greater losses, repeated positioning and repetitive charges.

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Summary: Do not underestimate the four-wheel positioning, it is related to the safety of our driving. Accurate four-wheel positioning data of a car can help us better use the car, reduce the cost of car maintenance and improve safe driving.



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