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Correct use of the wheel balancer

Correct use of the wheel balancer

1) Remove dirt, stones and old balance blocks from the wheel being tested. Check the tire pressure and fill it to the specified value if necessary.

2) Select the cone according to the size of the center hole of the rim, carefully install the wheel and fasten it with a large pitch nut.

tire changer and balancer

3) Turn on the power switch to start the device operation. The system automatically measures the rim width, the rim diameter, and the rim edge to chassis distance. Press the start button, the wheel rotates, the wheel balance test begins, and the control system automatically collects data.

tyre machine and wheel balancer

4) When the wheel stops automatically or hears a “click” sound, the system displays the amount of imbalance inside and outside the wheel and the unbalanced position. Lift the wheel guard and slowly turn the wheel by hand as prompted. When the pointing device has two opposite arrows or Stop the rotation when prompted. The side weight of the side weight displayed by the indicating device is added to the upper side of the inner side or the outer side of the rim (the 12 o’clock position of the clock). The inner and outer sides should be separately carried out, and the balance block should be securely installed.

5) A new imbalance may occur after the balance weight is installed. The balance test should be repeated until the balance is reached.



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