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What caused the wheel balance problem?

What caused the wheel balance problem?

Wheel balance adjustment is the maintenance work done when the tire is reassembled, but many people do not understand the purpose and the reasons they must understand. Uneven wear of the tires and the like is caused by the imbalance of the wheel balance. Failure to adjust the balance of the wheel can greatly affect the driver’s comfort, as the steering wheel’s power swings and body sway.

Wheel balance is the mass balance necessary to evenly rotate the tire. It is also known as tire balance. Wheel balance adjustment, even for new tires and tires, must be done when reassembling the tires. At first glance, the tires and wheels look like a perfect circle, but in reality it is due to slight deviations in size and weight, depending on manufacturing precision.

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If the center of gravity of the tire is not balanced, the tire will not rotate smoothly with centrifugal force and will vibrate. Therefore, it is necessary to check the status with a dedicated balance measuring instrument and adjust the wheel balance by adding weight if necessary.

If the wheel balance is not suitable, the steering wheel is easy to shake, the advantage will be worse, the body vibration will become stronger, and the ride comfort of the vehicle will be greatly affected.

Especially when driving on a highway, it is easy to feel a malfunction due to wheel balance deviation. The center of gravity is not constant. In the state where the wheel balance is not used, the influence on the vehicle body is further increased due to the high-speed rotation of the tire.

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Of course, the balance is not adjusted, the stability is low, and the ride comfort is poor, but of course, the extra exercise is increased, the fuel consumption is deteriorated, the tire becomes uneven (stubborn), and the life is shortened. In addition, suspensions that reduce bearing and road impact, such as damage to components around the tire, will also increase. In addition, there is a problem that it is impossible to concentrate on driving and fatigue is increased due to large vibration.

If an accident occurs on the highway, it will become a major accident and very dangerous. It’s hard to feel when traveling in the city, but you need to be careful when you feel the body vibrating while driving.



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