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What is car wheel alignment and how often do it?

What is car wheel alignment and how often do it?

During the driving process, do you think that the car will be left or left when traveling or straight

or Right? If there is, then you need to do car wheel alignment. Wheel alignment how long will it take to do it?

What is car wheel alignment?

car wheel alignment, is four wheel alignment. In terms of literal meaning, it gives people a good feeling.

Like the four wheels, it is not, car wheels, shock absorbers, steering rods

a relative orientation between devices of the chassis object, such relative orientation

It is called four wheel alignment.

The distance between the relative azimuths, the viewpoint, etc. are the parameters of the four wheel alignment. We

When doing the four car wheel alignment, it is to coil these parameters to make a fuss. By adjusting

These parameters give the car the best condition. Some four-wheel alignment parameters that are often adjusted include

Front wheel toe, front wheel camber, rear wheel toe, kingpin camber, etc.

Some parameters are not adjustable.

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Four wheel alignment is not allowed to cause the vehicle to run off and the tires are worn out, and it will cause the car to float, side
slip, unstable steering, suspension system parts, wear and tear, etc.

The travel is safe, so the owner needs to pay attention to the Four wheel alignment.

How often do car wheel alignment do?

In generaire positioningo problem, it does not require tire positioning.

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only tire positioning is required when the following conditions are present:

1. Replace the steering tie rod and other chassis parts related to adjusting the four wheel alignment parameters.

2. When the front and rear tires are abnormally worn.

3. When the vehicle is traveling straight, the vehicle runs to the left or right.

4. The steering wheel flutters, trembles or is too heavy during the driving process.

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For car wheel alignment, many owners must still be very upset. However, here,

It is recommended that we pay more attention to the feelings during the driving process.

Now the problem, solve the problem.



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