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The car washing machine did not really hurt the car, this time finally figured out

The car washing machine did not really hurt the car, this time finally figured out

The car has scratches, mistakenly thought it was the car washing machine, the car washing machine was too much, today we will identify several common car surface texture and the main reasons.

1, spiral

The spiral pattern is called the sun pattern accurately. It is a spiral-like fine pattern that can be seen under the sun. The glare pattern is a rainbow-like pattern.

Simply put, when you use a polishing machine to polish the car, the polisher moves left to right, leaving the texture, which is the glare.

When you leave the polisher in a place to rotate, the grain left is the sun pattern.

In addition, the rag that is not cleaned by car washes vigorously, and it will leave such a pattern.

2, water marks

The water marks are ring-shaped. It is the trace left after the water droplets evaporate. The oxidized car and the car that is cleaned by the washing spirit are more likely to be stained with water.

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3, etch marks

The etch is a surface abrasion. Insects, bird droppings, sap, tar, and asphalt all have etch marks.

4, crack

If the paint is not properly treated, the metal paint may produce a very fine crack, which will continuously penetrate the paint until it “breaks down” the entire paint layer.

The phenomenon is called “cracking.” Sometimes cracks can occur due to problems with the quality of heavy paint. If there is car wax in the crack, you will find that the car body has a streak (tailing pattern) cracking phenomenon.

Regular waxing can reduce cracking.

5, daily scratches and flaws

This kind of cockroaches has apparently penetrated the paint layer and produced a sharp force for sharp foreign objects.

To take a step back, if the car wash machine produces scratches, according to the direction and movement mode of the car washing machine, the car wash brush rotates around the central axis of the brush cylinder, and the contact surface with the car body is a horizontal straight line.

The contact area is small, and it is inferred that the scratches generated should be in the shape of a wire bundle, horizontally straight and short, and it is impossible to have a curved line or a ring shape and it is less likely to be a long straight line.

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The reason why many people mistakenly believe that the use of automatic car wash opportunities to injure paint, mainly because the high-speed rotating brush in the car wash process in the body beat, this fast and powerful brush

Directly rubbing against the lacquer surface, so that many car owners produce the worry of the brush and the paint.

We will break down this process in detail, understand the principle, and the doubt will not be solved.


1 Sediment is the culprit of scratches

Compare the manual rag car wash with the automatic brush car wash, wipe the car body directly with a rag. If the rag is not wiped once or changed once, the sand is easily wrapped in the rag.

In the process of rubbing everywhere, scratches are produced.

The automatic washing machine is equipped with a pre-washing system. The high-pressure water can be washed away or scattered to the sand or dirt attached to the car body to set the first protective barrier for safe cleaning.

2 automatic car washing machine brush safety

The brush of the automatic car washing machine is made of soft foam material. Take the road roller automatic washing machine as an example. It adopts the imported PVA foam brush from Japan, the tail part fork, each has an inverted trapezoidal structure, and is soft.

Smooth, will not wrap the sand, will not harm the paint.

Japanese car paint is the softest, but Japan is a country that manufactures and uses fully automatic car washing machines. The car owners have no concerns about car paint. The facts also prove that technology

The fully automatic and well-designed automatic car washing machine is completely capable of achieving non-destructive car washing.


3, cleaning method is safe

After the pre-washing is finished, the brush is then started. During the car wash process, the car wash brush is only scanned at a constant pressure and a constant distance on the surface of the car, and does not load relatively large friction on the surface. Cleaning

During the process, due to the centrifugal force of rotation, the sediment could not adhere to the surface of the brush. Under the action of inertial centrifugal force, the sediment was pulled out of the surface of the brush and turned to the opposite direction of the vehicle body.

The high-pressure water spray nozzle continuously sprays the water against the brush, and the brush is thoroughly washed every time it is rotated, so it is impossible for the sediment to cause damage to the vehicle body.

4, effective drying method

After the car wash, the residual water drops easily form a convex mirror, which is reflected by the sunlight, causing local high temperature, thereby burning the paint or leaving water marks. Therefore, the road gram automatic washing machine is equipped with intelligence

In the air drying mode, after the cleaning is completed, the contour lifting wind and the fixed side air drying system will automatically adjust the wind curtain according to the vehicle parameters obtained by the pressure sensing system of the cleaning brush.

The direction, wind and wind speed make the super strong air curtain of high intensity and large airflow reach the optimal drying degree.

5, car wash liquid safety

Some over-alkaline car wash liquids, such as some roadside car wash shops directly use detergents and even 84, when the car is cleaned, the time will be accumulated into a lacquer surface corrosion, resulting in dull matt

Or a crack.

The neutral imported car wash liquid used in the road roller automatic washing machine can effectively prevent the damage of the car paint by the acid or the over-alkali at the same time of washing.

6, bright water wax

Lubake automatic washing machine will automatically spray bright water wax after the weak water rinse, which can play the role of flooding, improving the surface brightness and protecting the paint in the short term (3-5 days).

Only do not hurt the car paint, maintenance is the automatic car washing machine has been silently doing.

The industry has specialization, and the automatic car washing machine is an inevitable result of the development of the new era. Its existence adapts to the rapid increase of cars and the accelerated pace of people’s life. From semi-automatic to full

Automatically, in the process of continuous improvement of intelligent car wash, condensing technology and wisdom, believe in technology, believe that automatic car washing machine will not damage car paint.



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