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In these cases, the tires that are tied must not be replenished and can only be replaced!

In these cases, the tires that are tied must not be replenished and can only be replaced!

Car tires,
In fact, it is the most important component that should be carefully maintained in a car.
so, car tyre changer must pay attention to
It is equivalent to the shoes on our feet. If the shoes have problems, it is a small matter to walk uncomfortable. If it is serious, it will
wrestle. This is very important for the car. If the puncture suddenly occurs at high speed, it will instantly lose its life.
When using a daily car, there is a problem with the tire, which is usually a common tire and wear

It is inevitable that the tire will be pierced by a sharp object. Repairing tires is an economical option while ensuring safety. However, the
following situations are not solved by tire repair and must be car tyre changer.

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Tire drum kit
Tire expansion occurs mainly on the side walls, which usually occurs when the tires violently hit the road teeth, large stones, speed bumps,
etc., causing the tire ply to break. If the tire has a long inflation time, plus high temperature exposure,

At high speeds, it is very easy to have a puncture accident, which is very dangerous. Old drivers often say that tires with drum kits are
equivalent to “time bombs.”

machines to change tire
If you are not lucky, you will be nailed to the side of the tire. Don’t look at the holes in these places, but you can’t make up, you can
only replace them with new ones.
When I talk about it here, someone will definitely ask, what can I do and what can’t I do? Let us summarize:
1. Crown piercing diameter greater than 6 mm cannot be repaired.
2. The side wall cannot be repaired.
3, bead damage deformation, tread deformation, rubber corrosion by chemicals, tire gas shortage, broken damage and other conditions can not
be repaired.
4. The tires show signs of lack of gas drive (such as rolling marks on the side walls, foaming of the inner liner), and are not worth
repairing because the tire structure may have been destroyed and can no longer be used.

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