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The steering wheel is lighter after the car tyre are changed. Really okay?(二)

The steering wheel is lighter after the car tyre are changed. Really okay?(二)

(2) Loading capacity:
One. No-load/half load: According to the lower limit of the car tire pressure standard (the tire pressure on the vehicle marking sticker
can be used as the minimum tire pressure reference value).
Bay full load: based on the upper limit of the car tire pressure standard at full load (the maximum tire pressure value on the tire mark can
be used as a reference for the theoretical maximum tire pressure).
[The importance of using the right tire pressure]
Too low or too high tire pressure can affect the life and fuel consumption of the tire itself. Excessive tire pressure can concentrate the
weight of the car on the center of the tread, causing the center of the tread to wear quickly. Tire pressure is too low,

The tire grounding area is uneven and wear increases. Increase rolling resistance. Increased fuel consumption.
The left and right tire pressures should be the same. When the pressure on one side of the tire is too low, the vehicle will be biased to
this side during the braking process. At the same time, it should be noted that two tires on the same shaft should have the same pattern

. Different models of different manufacturers cannot be used for both front wheels at the same time, otherwise there will be deviations.

Change is right
In fact, after the car tyre changed, the steering wheel becomes very heavy, which should be the performance, because the grip of the new
tires is usually higher than the grip of the old tires. If the old tires of the original car are comfortable and quiet wheels

tire machine changer

Fetus, then the difference will be more obvious.
It may also be a mechanical problem. If it is not a problem with tire pressure, then you should be careful. Because of long-term driving, the
hydraulic power of the car’s hydraulic power system becomes dirty, and the owner does not replace it in time because this system is

Connected to the steering wheel and drive shaft of the car. In the event of a problem with the device, the steering wheel of the car will be
inflexible, so the owner will feel that the steering wheel is heavy or even unable to rotate. Therefore, the owner needs to go to the
corresponding maintenance regularly.

Shop to change the booster oil. However, with the development of automotive research, many cars have been replaced by electronic power
systems. The system automatically adjusts the steering wheel’s flexibility at high speeds.
The weight of the steering wheel can be large or small. If necessary, check the cause in time



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